April 13, 2017

Big SALE part 2

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I dind't want to mix posts so this one is to let you all know that I have a lot of pieces for sale; food, pastries, furniture and accesories.
I need room to post new pieces. Be welcome to take a look and see if there's something you'd like to have =). Go to my etsy shop, link on the blog.

Thank you, hugs!!

Dear blog, I'm back ♥

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Hello to you dear friends, hoping you're doing great and feeling happy.
It's been a long time since I came here, I took a sabatic from miniatures for a few months. It was good, during this time I read a lot, found inspiration and it made me want to be back to this art.
You know I'm always trying new techniques, materials and styles .. but my biggest love is for decoration, architecture and furniture; meaning that I've been working in new pieces: from a trailer to a commode bombe ... and all what could be in the middle lol! I got carried away xD

Oh and you know; I'm more active on Instagram. I love it cos it's simple; you upload the picture and share it. I have a FB page but I really don't like it there, I closed it before lol and I'm closer to do the same again :p

So this post is to show you what 've been doing lately, go get your cup of tea and a few cookies, ready? kk here we go!

Vintage 1920 kitchen stove  
 I love kitchens, and I decided to give a try and do my own vintage one! It was fun, I used materials I had around, a green project. I did most of the accessories too, like the cherry pie, sign, poster, kitchen paper towel.

Louis XV provance commode bombe
 I had this commode on my desk for almost a year, I dind't know how to decorate it until i saw it in my head. And here it is, restored in a light blue with brass handles and handmade accessories.
Pie safe
A pie safe with 2 drawers on top, the "glass" is something I did to decorate it a bit more. And the room where all the pictures are taken is my hopefully soon to be dollhouse made of all kind of leftovers!

Roses cupboard
Another cupboard I had around, all painted in white. Shabby chic is fun but when you end up with a white room it looks closer to a hospital than a shabby chic scene! This pretty cupboard is the one you see at the roombox scene I did last year for a magazine's article about my work. I changed it by adding the roses, painting the edges in a soft pink and adding paper inside and out.

There's more to see, but I have to download the remaining pictures still. Next post I'm showing you.

Thank you very much for reading ... if there's still people reading blogs. I do =)

Hugs and cya soon! ♥