October 22, 2016

Come have a cup of tea!

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Hello world! lol, I'm back =) It's been a crazy time in my life but everything's in place again, so while enjoying this lovely quiet saturday afternoon, I decided to say hello again plus, sharing with you a scene I did for a magazine in August. This is one of the reasons why I haven't been on the net, 3 magazines got interested in my work and well, it was a lot of work but soo rewarding and glad I am!

I bought the roombox and took away its original contents.

The roombox at the very beginning: flooring, wallpaper and painting

Lola the dog, wants to say hello! ♥

And here's the scene =)  

 The doll and doggie are a gorgeous creation by Bonnie Justice, I'm a huge fan of her work.
You'll find a repeptive pattern in the scene, I like roses and I wanted to put them around, the rug, painting ... and there's a lot of pink and soft pastels too.
The day bed comes from a House of Miniatures kit I had, after assembling it I painted it white, and added a cute cotton fabric on top. Behind the doll there're 2 pillows, a green round one and a pink heart one.
Yes I did the tray! was so fun to do =) 

 The window opens and has a pattern of my creation, more roses!
As for the small table, anyone would like a slice of banana bundt? perhaps a strawberry tartelete? milkshake or tea? This table displays a few of my treasures =) such as; the tea caddy box, the tea set and that gorgeous flower vase made of bronze. The black cat was a swap I did with an amazing Finnish girl who does animals in tiny scales.

From the window ♥ The snowdrop plant, green teapot were handmade by me among other little details!

 This cupboard I had it around, I love the shape it has on the sides but the mahogany fake color i totally disliked it soo, time to do shabby magic here ;). The tiny tassel I did it, it adds an extra detail as well. The items displayed here are from my own collection; ceramics I did long time ago, one of my handmade books, and the cookies .. yes all handmade by me ♥ more than 1 dozen different ones are displayed in that pink 2 tier stand.

Hope you like this scene, I did it in record time, one week so that it could be published in a magazine!

Thank you for visiting!