March 18, 2016

Flower Shop Tutorial -Part 1-

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Hello everyone :)

As I posted on my Instagram account, today Friday I'm uploading the 1st part of the tutorial so you can see how I did my flower shop.

This is a green project, so we're going to use different paper sources you may have at home already.
I'm going to show you how to do the "paper mache" technique to achieve sturdy surfaces. It's very easy to do and helpful!

You're going to need:

♥ a box (it's not showed here! but it's the base of our flower shop!) if it has a rectangular shape, the better.
♥ set square
♥ an aluminium ruler for cutting (see the pic!)
♥ paper stripes from magazines/newpaper (cut by hand, don't use the scissors!)
♥ masking tape
♥ white glue (i'm using Elmer's tacky glue)
♥ hobby knife
♥ scissors
♥ cutting board
♥ 2 or 3 mm cardboard

Step 1 - Preparing the box

The box I had was from a waffle maker, the shape was perfect for a building. I thought a small flower shop could fit.
A rectangular shape gives you more space in case you'd like to add a "fake" floor on top with windows or a balcony.

What I did was removing one of the large sides with the scissors and don't trash the panel! put it aside because it's going to be the shop's front.

Step 2 - Secure it!

We want the shape of the box to be kept, so tape the base to your cutting board and pay attention to the angles, perfect 90 degrees!

Step 3 - Paper mache technique

Here I was cutting paper stripes from an old magazine I had around, you can also use other paper sources. The secret is, DON'T use scissors! (it can be a good exercise to relax while watching a movie *giggles*)

Paper mache done 

  Step 4 -Front-
Now we work on the front; what you do 1st is cutting the openings for the door and window.
 The door measures: 17 cm x 6 cm
 The window measures: 9 cm x 16,5 cm (4 cm from the base).
Leave a few cm on the sides in case you want to add bricks or stones on the corners later for decoration.
Notice that the window looks a bit taller than the door, but later on I'm going to show you a nice detail to add to it ;)

Next is, cover it with paper as you did with the structure.

* Let it dry overnight.*

  Step 5 - Add cardboard to the back
 I added a piece of 2 or 3 mm cardboard to the back and sides to strengthen the structure. Binder clippers are very useful here to hold it in place.

Here's how it s looking so far :)
Done with this part! it's taking shape as you can see.
The second part is going to be uploaded next week. See you then!!

Hope you're having fun with this project so far!



  1. Thank you! I'm very excited about this tutorial and look
    forwards for the second part.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Drora thank you!
      Hope it sparks the creative bug on the use of recycled materials for miniature dioramas.

      Hugs darling!

  2. I love your paper mache technique. I haven't used that yet. So I'm really interested on how you do your project and how it turns out. I'm sure it's going to look like a true marvel like all of your work.

    1. Caroline! Thank you!
      The paper mache technique is very useful when you have a lot of magazines and other paper sources and you want to give them a good use :).

      Hugs darling! ♥

  3. Replies
    1. Muchas gracias Maite!
      Espero que te inspire!


  4. Hello Ana,
    Thank you for the tutorial. I look forward to your next post.
    Big hug

    1. Giac hello!
      Thank you for your kind words :)
      I visit you blog from time to time, and you're an incredible artisan *bows*

      Hugs and thanks again for coming!