February 28, 2016

Of bunnies, delicious food and tradition for Easter time.

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Hello friends,

How're you all doing? really well I hope and feeling creative!
I'm the "imaginative feeling like I want to do more" mood (*giggles*) that's why I decided to write today.

Easter is coming, for many of you it also means that springtime and long lovely days are around the corner, but for the southern part autumn an its orange shades will start showing soon.

It was because of this that I began picturing something more that just painted eggs, bunnies everywhere and cute chicks as part as the decoration.
And here's where I had the idea of searching what kind of food different countries have for Easter time and if it's related to old traditions. I found a lot of really interesting info!, old recipes that barely changed nowadays, folklore ... I got hooked!

Still there's a lot I still want to have ready before Easter, but here you have a preview:

This cake was inspired by one I found on Pinterest, I took the concept and did my version of it. 
♥ can you spot the straw made nest with 2 eggs? ♥
This picture shows you a better detail; few little touches and you know it's Easter related! a vanilla bunny cookie and the basket below. I added a heart shaped macaroon I did long time ago plus 2 milkshakes! yum xD. If you're wondering about the table, yes it's Bespaq if I'm not mistaken and from my private collection :). (At least a similar one to this one will be soon avalable at my Etsy .. stay tunned!).
 From Eastern Europe comes this cake, it has different names accroding to the country it comes from but it's kind of the same concept. I added the name in Polish :), seems that the shape reminds of "Grandma's pleated skirt", such a lovely name and grandma related! ♥
From the UK, the Hot Cross Buns are traditional during Easter time, the top has a cross shape and you can find raisins or cranberries in it "yum"!

 A simple and cute 2 layer vanilla cake topped with a velvety pink sugary marzipan, there's a bowl with some mix left and 2 milkshakes! Again, the easter related theme is under the shape of a bunny cookie :)
♥ A close up, I love the contrast of the green doilie and the pink ♥

 A bakery case displaying delicious goods! You can see the Easter basket, buns, and milkshakes on top and inside, a Tsoureki on the left -a brioche type of bread comon in many Eastern European countries- a Babka wielkanocna on the right and in the middle a classic bread with a pink pastel egg in it.
My milkshake collection! 8 flavors to chose from! fresh and realistic looking ♥
♥ Tiny cute Oreo milkshake ♥

 Before I go, I have a question for you friends! Could you tell me what traditional food you have during Easter time? I'd like to have inspiration from the source to do more food for the occasion :)

Thank you all for you lovely comments! I read each one of them always ♥

Hugs! ♥♥


  1. Todo tiene una pinta deliciosa

  2. oh1 Your blog,photos and miniatures are beautiful!! Your work amazed me so much !!! Now I am your follower and it will be very nice if you visit my blog and follow too.

  3. Beautiful food! wish you would experiment in quarter or half scale as well, doing the same things ;)

  4. Sandra, sounds like a challente I would take. Thank you very much for your comment!


  5. The only word that comes to mind as my jaw drops to the floor is WOW! Is one person allowed to have so much talent? LOL! You do incredible work!!

    1. Aww sweet Caroline! It means the world to me! Thank you for being so kind!. I admire your amazing skills, the details and all the pasión you put in each one of your creations!
      Hugs sweety!

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