January 04, 2016

Welcome 2016!

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Hello world! lol

I'm still around! I kind of vanished like a ninja!
I really hope all of you are already having a great year, full of happiness and success in your goals.

As for me, I have been busy with my job, miniature making and my workshop =)
Yeaah! I said Workshop! I began giving diorama lessons on May 2015 till December. It's been a great experience, so far I have 2 students and they love what they learn. I can't be happier!
It was all new for me, the teaching experience I mean. It helped me find the best ways to teach miniature making for my book -still working on it.. slow but doing well-.
Also I took a Wedding Planner course which was really fun! It gave me more inspiration when it comes to arrange colors, textures and working in different styles (I'm a set designer and this kind of courses are always helpful!!)

My goals for 2016? I'd like attending at least 1 fair at the USA or in Europe, we'll see =). I feel more confident about what I do and that's always good.

What do you say if I show you a few of my latest creations? yea, I'm sure you all agree "giggles"
Here we go!

♥ My best 9 on Instagram ♥

♥ A place to relax and enjoy lemonade! ♥

♥ New pieces 2016 for the cottage kitchen! ♥

♥ A splash of colors =) ♥

♥ Commode Bombe and dots dots ♥

♥ A colorful cottage cupboard ♥

Closed and coin for size ;)

Scrying mirror and bowl for hydromancy

♥ Shabby table ♥

♥ Restored chair with a skirt ♥

Moon magic studies (special commission)
Thank you for your support, your comments and for coming here =)

Hugs ♥