June 03, 2015

Attending my 1st fair review

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Hello blog friends :)

Hope you're having a very nice day, over here it's fresh and cloudy atm, I'd say it's a perfect day for staying home and enjoy the little mini making!

I know I haven't posted right away after the fair but, you can't imagine the huge mess I had home when I came back and had to put everything into its boxes again ... and me deciding that it was a great time for re organizing my miniatures! LOL it took me like 3 hs! and I'm still getting used to the new system (giggles!)

These pics show how my table was set up both days, and yes it looks different 'cause I changed the table the following day ... I can't be showing the same products 2 days in a row! The pics look dark, my dad used his phone to take them and the room was a bit gloomy, not helping with the pics but still you can see and get the idea ;)

 I did the signs, one says "Les biscuits" and little samples of the available biscuits were glued to it. There're some embossing powders, needle tools, dotting tools, ceramics, fimo clay and others. The other 2 signs read: Ceramics and Doilies (I did a selection of doilies for the customer to chose from when buying a cake, or just simply take home with them :))
 A close up to "Les biscuits" sign and that heart plate (isn't it adorable?) displaying my cakes. You can see an ice cream counter, furniture and one of my handmade blackboards
 Another view of my table :), the tablecloth is dark grey and the rest of the fabrics are pink, almost all my pieces are pastel pink and shabby chic :)

I'm considering the possibility of attending "Philadelphia Miniaturia" on November this year, I do hope I can make it there, it'd be awwwwwsome! After attending my 1st fair here, I decided it's time to travel, meet other artisans and enjoy the path of creating and playing in miniature :)

Oh and I'm still working a lot in my book, I have lots of tutorials and pictures to take, not easy task! but fun for sure :).

Hugs to all of you who comment, read and come by from time to time ♥


  1. Your table looks gorgeous, Ann. I never tire of seeing your beautiful pink creations, especially the ones with pink frosting--yummy! I'm glad you had fun at the fair and are thinking about traveling and meeting more people. I'm sure it will be a fun time for everyone involved. xo Jennifer

  2. La mesa se ve preciosa con todas tus maravillosas creaciones!!!

  3. Hello Ann,
    You have been busy! The pictures are great! What wonderful miniatures. I hope you get to the show.
    Big hug,

  4. Great table! Hope you had a wonderful time!
    Are you making a book? How exciting! Good luck!

  5. I think you understand. Great table! Hope you had a wonderful time!