May 05, 2015

Making of my book part 2 and new minis!

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Good morning dear readers :),

The long path of doing my 1st dollhouse miniature book has began.
I've read all the comments some of you left on the previous post telling me that you like my miniature food (thank you!!), the furniture projects and that it'd great if the book was including these 2 subjects. Well, that's exactly what I'm doing :), the book s going to have 2 big sections: architecture in small scales with decoration tips and styles -our project- and part 2, all the extras including a lot of mini food projects.
It's not going to be a heavy middle age book I hope! LOL but it's going to have lots of information for sure :)

It's going to take months until I can send the 1st manuscript to be published, keep in mind that I want to retain all the rights of my book. So a lot of work is awaiting ... but I'm taking this new challenge with joy and excitement.

And before I see you the next time I post, here you have pictures of my newest creations:

 A tiny shabby chic cookie box all handmade using paper leftovers. Each cookie was designed and done by me.
A bundt cake with vanilla and caramel on top ... a cup of tea anyone? ;)

My fingers in comparison!
 My humble tribute to "La Maison Laduree", a macaroon tower with heart shape macaroons on top of a marzipan base decorated with golden pearls.

My new collection of romantic shabby chic porcelain plates, each one decorated using that beautiful roses pattern.
Take away anyone? white coffee paper cups with a logo that I've designed and a batch of delicious pastries on a green doilie.

Thanks for reading!
Until next post, hugs ***



  1. Everything is so tiny and adorable. I love all of the plates, and the cupcakes and drinks have me drooling. :-) xo Jennifer

  2. Me encanta las ideas para tu nuevo libro! Todos estos dulces son exquisitos

  3. Tu libro será genial,estoy segura,ánimo!!!
    Deliciosas minis las que has elaborado,muy reales!!!

  4. If these photos of your recent work are examples of what your book will contain, I'll be the first one to buy it. Wonderful work!
    Hugs, Drora

  5. I can't wait for your book to be released:) I'm sure that it's going to be awesome, I'll buy it for sure:)
    All your tiny creations are so cute, I really love the cookie box:)
    Hugs, Candy:)

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