April 29, 2015

A new collection and a book

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♥ Bespaq displaying case filled with some of my patisserie pieces ♥

Hello :)

Long time since I came here! but you know me ... I come when I have something interesting to share ... like today :).

It's a gray rainy day today, fresh outside and perfect to be indoors enjoying a cup of tea (and this is exactly what I'm doing while I'm writing! lol) and working in miniature pieces and projects such as my first book of minature tutorials and inspiration :)
Before moving to the latest subject, I'd like to sharing with you my new collection of breakfast/tea time miniature pieces. 
I wanted these little trays to have a romantic feeling, so the palette was reduced to just a few pastel colors; white, pink, light blue ... and the doilies, I did them like 1 year ago (paper punches are something so fun to play with, but later you realize that you have 50 doilies xD) and this was a perfect opportunity to display them and add a touch of elegance as well.

And now, the collection :)

 How about a "retro" snack? banana sundae topped with pink cream and cream puffs filled with strawberry cream .. yum! I love the red straw, it works well with the rest of the colors!

 A lemon cream tart and a cookie filled with jam to enjoy this white coffee! I decorated the doily with tiny itty bitty hearts ♥♥
 White coffee, orange juice and 2 delicious treats! a banana cheesecake with caramel sauce and a jam cookie! 
 And for those of you who prefer breakfast in bed, here's a shabby chic big tray (big in mini!) with heart pancakes with caramel, a cup of white coffee, fruit salad, orange juice and an open egg. Enjoy!

 All this pieces are available at my Etsy shop, in case you're interested in.

                                                                ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

And now the part about my fist book.
I'd like you to give me a helping hand here; by commenting in this post what kind of miniature tutorials you'd like to find in it, are you more into food? or how to decorate? how about simple props to add realism to your project?.. a bit of this and that?. 
Your comments are most welcome!

Thank you for reading!!

Hugs ****

April 09, 2015

Interviews, fairs and my cat!

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Good morning friends!

After being away for a while, I'd like to update you a bit :)

A few days ago, Kate from thedailymini asked me if I'd like to be interviewed. I was so honored! not only because it's a way for other people to get to know about my work but, I'm the 1st one to be interviewed on her website.

I'm leaving here the link for you to read: Interview!
Look for Kate's wonderful display of miniatures around the globe at her Instagram: #dailymini

** Did you notice that I've mentioned the word "fair"? weeell, I'm partcipating in one :) for the 1st time! It's going to take place here in Buenos Aires, it's the 3rd edition! and it means a lot to all the artisans from here since miniatures are not as popular as in other countries. It's going to be on 16 and 17 may, so I'm working every single day on miniatures to sell over there, plus showing 2 of my projects: the French kitchen (under restoration) and the Ice cream shop I did for my mum. Pics of the pieces for the fair tomorrow or during the weekend!

*** And last but not least, a bit about Ema. To all of you who worried about her and sent good wished, thank you!! Em is doing just great, she's a very healthy, happy and naughty cat enjoying life. The queen of the house! (proud mum ♥♥ ... lol)

Pics regarding miniatures for the fair and from my gorgeous Em, during the weekend for you to see :)

Thank you for coming by!
Hugs ***