February 28, 2015

And the winnners are .....

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Before letting you know the winners of the giveaway, I'd like to thank all of you who asked me about Ema, thank you thank you very much!! She's doing great, a very happy naughty baby girl ♥ who's enjoying life with a spoiling mommy lol.

And now dears, ... the winners of the giveaway are ... "suspense .. drums .. more suspense ..." xD

Ema wanted to be my assistant

Let me see ... i pick this one ...


1st prize goes to: EMILIA (Zumigata)    ***Congrats Emilia!!!!***

2nd prize goest to: The Grandmommy :)

3rd prize is for: Mels Miniatures :)

Congrats to the winners!!!! PLease send me your addresses to theminibookmaker@gmail.com so I can send your prizes to tou guys!!

Thank you all for participating, for your lovely comments, your good wishes for my cat :) I appreciate it a lot!

(All the names who entered were in the hat, it was my intention taking a pic for you to see but Ema woke up from her morning nap and did everything to scater the papers and just wanted to play "fetch" ...naughty cat!)

♥ Hugs!! ♥

February 06, 2015


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Hello everyone!

I'm back after a while ... I know I've been absent but there was a good reason.
My cat Ema lost her babies due to a wrong diagnose from a vet, it was really hard and all I could think of was making her feel confortable while she was recovering from the surgery. She's doing great atm! happy, jumping, being a very spoiled cat xD, I love her to the moon!

Soo, back to our main subject, Yay!! I'm having a GIVEAWAY, it's time for one! let's start this year with a biiig bigg one!

3 prizes will be given to the winners :)

And the rules are very simple!

1 ♥ Leave a comment under this post, so I can add your name into my hat (always the hat lol)
2 ♥ You have to be a follower on my blog 
3 ♥ Share it!

Deadline: 28 Feb at noon my time (GMT -3)

And the prizes are ... "suspense ... drums!!"

♥♥ 1st prize! ♥♥ A big stash for your creative moments :)

Precision scissors, acrylic paints, embossing powders, minerals, fimo, doilies ...

Craft sugar: fine and coarse for your fake sweets! glass glitter too

Stickers, toothpicks
♥♥ 2nd prize! ♥♥ A very nice ceramics set! (table not included) plus 2 mini cute terracotta planters :)

♥♥ 3rd prize!! ♥♥ A unique handmade by me "living book" about the Cornflower -myth, legend and very nice pics!!-

Hope you guys like the prizes and that you have fun participating!!

Good luck to all of you!