January 14, 2015

New collection: "Memories from the Prairie Cottage"

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Hello :)

Today I'd like to introduce you to my new collection called "Memories of the Prairie Cottage".
Last time I posted I showed you a few pieces so today I'm showing you more! My intention is to have many pieces so as to complete an entire house.

Tables, beds, cupboards, accesories and my miniaure food are among the many many pieces that complete this collection.

Are you curious about it already? if your answer is yes, go grab a cup of tea and enjoy the pictures :)

The sink was shown before, but I wanted you to see what was below. 

A very cozy sleigh bed in mint green. I did everything (except the bed!)

This picture shows you a different set of blanket and mat, these were crocheted by my using 100% silk thread. It's so soft to the touch and looks so nice on the bed! I also crocheted the rounded pillow.

Here I'm showing you the pink mat
More mini crochet! a nice detail for a pillow or just to use as a chair cover.

A chair close to the window ... look at the skirt :)

And at last, a cupboard! painted in a white birch tone, this cute piece was completely restored by me. It had a division on the right and I removed it. The shelves were stained in an oak tone. I added a nice floral paper to the counter and below. It comes with all the accessories you see :)

I still have to take more pictures of other pieces that I've completed. Hopefully I'm going to be uploading more tomorrow.

All these pieces are available at my Etsy shop ... in case you have the urge of buying them! xD

Thanks for your comments and for coming by!


  1. I really love the collection! I think the sink and bed would be my favorites. That mint green you used for the bed color is fabulous. :-)

  2. Beautiful collection, so romantic and feminine and cozy. I could jump in that sleigh bed for a long nap. :-) xo Jennifer

  3. I love that look. It's so rustic and yet romantic. You're doing such a beautiful house. I love the crochet. It warms up a space so much. The hutch is gorgeous too.
    We share birthdays! that's so neat! I hope yours was incredible and that you had lots of fun. Have a great year!

  4. They are so lovely!! I'm totaly in love with your crochet work:)
    Hugs, Candy:)