June 03, 2015

Attending my 1st fair review

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Hello blog friends :)

Hope you're having a very nice day, over here it's fresh and cloudy atm, I'd say it's a perfect day for staying home and enjoy the little mini making!

I know I haven't posted right away after the fair but, you can't imagine the huge mess I had home when I came back and had to put everything into its boxes again ... and me deciding that it was a great time for re organizing my miniatures! LOL it took me like 3 hs! and I'm still getting used to the new system (giggles!)

These pics show how my table was set up both days, and yes it looks different 'cause I changed the table the following day ... I can't be showing the same products 2 days in a row! The pics look dark, my dad used his phone to take them and the room was a bit gloomy, not helping with the pics but still you can see and get the idea ;)

 I did the signs, one says "Les biscuits" and little samples of the available biscuits were glued to it. There're some embossing powders, needle tools, dotting tools, ceramics, fimo clay and others. The other 2 signs read: Ceramics and Doilies (I did a selection of doilies for the customer to chose from when buying a cake, or just simply take home with them :))
 A close up to "Les biscuits" sign and that heart plate (isn't it adorable?) displaying my cakes. You can see an ice cream counter, furniture and one of my handmade blackboards
 Another view of my table :), the tablecloth is dark grey and the rest of the fabrics are pink, almost all my pieces are pastel pink and shabby chic :)

I'm considering the possibility of attending "Philadelphia Miniaturia" on November this year, I do hope I can make it there, it'd be awwwwwsome! After attending my 1st fair here, I decided it's time to travel, meet other artisans and enjoy the path of creating and playing in miniature :)

Oh and I'm still working a lot in my book, I have lots of tutorials and pictures to take, not easy task! but fun for sure :).

Hugs to all of you who comment, read and come by from time to time ♥

May 05, 2015

Making of my book part 2 and new minis!

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Good morning dear readers :),

The long path of doing my 1st dollhouse miniature book has began.
I've read all the comments some of you left on the previous post telling me that you like my miniature food (thank you!!), the furniture projects and that it'd great if the book was including these 2 subjects. Well, that's exactly what I'm doing :), the book s going to have 2 big sections: architecture in small scales with decoration tips and styles -our project- and part 2, all the extras including a lot of mini food projects.
It's not going to be a heavy middle age book I hope! LOL but it's going to have lots of information for sure :)

It's going to take months until I can send the 1st manuscript to be published, keep in mind that I want to retain all the rights of my book. So a lot of work is awaiting ... but I'm taking this new challenge with joy and excitement.

And before I see you the next time I post, here you have pictures of my newest creations:

 A tiny shabby chic cookie box all handmade using paper leftovers. Each cookie was designed and done by me.
A bundt cake with vanilla and caramel on top ... a cup of tea anyone? ;)

My fingers in comparison!
 My humble tribute to "La Maison Laduree", a macaroon tower with heart shape macaroons on top of a marzipan base decorated with golden pearls.

My new collection of romantic shabby chic porcelain plates, each one decorated using that beautiful roses pattern.
Take away anyone? white coffee paper cups with a logo that I've designed and a batch of delicious pastries on a green doilie.

Thanks for reading!
Until next post, hugs ***


April 29, 2015

A new collection and a book

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♥ Bespaq displaying case filled with some of my patisserie pieces ♥

Hello :)

Long time since I came here! but you know me ... I come when I have something interesting to share ... like today :).

It's a gray rainy day today, fresh outside and perfect to be indoors enjoying a cup of tea (and this is exactly what I'm doing while I'm writing! lol) and working in miniature pieces and projects such as my first book of minature tutorials and inspiration :)
Before moving to the latest subject, I'd like to sharing with you my new collection of breakfast/tea time miniature pieces. 
I wanted these little trays to have a romantic feeling, so the palette was reduced to just a few pastel colors; white, pink, light blue ... and the doilies, I did them like 1 year ago (paper punches are something so fun to play with, but later you realize that you have 50 doilies xD) and this was a perfect opportunity to display them and add a touch of elegance as well.

And now, the collection :)

 How about a "retro" snack? banana sundae topped with pink cream and cream puffs filled with strawberry cream .. yum! I love the red straw, it works well with the rest of the colors!

 A lemon cream tart and a cookie filled with jam to enjoy this white coffee! I decorated the doily with tiny itty bitty hearts ♥♥
 White coffee, orange juice and 2 delicious treats! a banana cheesecake with caramel sauce and a jam cookie! 
 And for those of you who prefer breakfast in bed, here's a shabby chic big tray (big in mini!) with heart pancakes with caramel, a cup of white coffee, fruit salad, orange juice and an open egg. Enjoy!

 All this pieces are available at my Etsy shop, in case you're interested in.

                                                                ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

And now the part about my fist book.
I'd like you to give me a helping hand here; by commenting in this post what kind of miniature tutorials you'd like to find in it, are you more into food? or how to decorate? how about simple props to add realism to your project?.. a bit of this and that?. 
Your comments are most welcome!

Thank you for reading!!

Hugs ****

April 09, 2015

Interviews, fairs and my cat!

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Good morning friends!

After being away for a while, I'd like to update you a bit :)

A few days ago, Kate from thedailymini asked me if I'd like to be interviewed. I was so honored! not only because it's a way for other people to get to know about my work but, I'm the 1st one to be interviewed on her website.

I'm leaving here the link for you to read: Interview!
Look for Kate's wonderful display of miniatures around the globe at her Instagram: #dailymini

** Did you notice that I've mentioned the word "fair"? weeell, I'm partcipating in one :) for the 1st time! It's going to take place here in Buenos Aires, it's the 3rd edition! and it means a lot to all the artisans from here since miniatures are not as popular as in other countries. It's going to be on 16 and 17 may, so I'm working every single day on miniatures to sell over there, plus showing 2 of my projects: the French kitchen (under restoration) and the Ice cream shop I did for my mum. Pics of the pieces for the fair tomorrow or during the weekend!

*** And last but not least, a bit about Ema. To all of you who worried about her and sent good wished, thank you!! Em is doing just great, she's a very healthy, happy and naughty cat enjoying life. The queen of the house! (proud mum ♥♥ ... lol)

Pics regarding miniatures for the fair and from my gorgeous Em, during the weekend for you to see :)

Thank you for coming by!
Hugs ***


February 28, 2015

And the winnners are .....

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Before letting you know the winners of the giveaway, I'd like to thank all of you who asked me about Ema, thank you thank you very much!! She's doing great, a very happy naughty baby girl ♥ who's enjoying life with a spoiling mommy lol.

And now dears, ... the winners of the giveaway are ... "suspense .. drums .. more suspense ..." xD

Ema wanted to be my assistant

Let me see ... i pick this one ...


1st prize goes to: EMILIA (Zumigata)    ***Congrats Emilia!!!!***

2nd prize goest to: The Grandmommy :)

3rd prize is for: Mels Miniatures :)

Congrats to the winners!!!! PLease send me your addresses to theminibookmaker@gmail.com so I can send your prizes to tou guys!!

Thank you all for participating, for your lovely comments, your good wishes for my cat :) I appreciate it a lot!

(All the names who entered were in the hat, it was my intention taking a pic for you to see but Ema woke up from her morning nap and did everything to scater the papers and just wanted to play "fetch" ...naughty cat!)

♥ Hugs!! ♥

February 06, 2015


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Hello everyone!

I'm back after a while ... I know I've been absent but there was a good reason.
My cat Ema lost her babies due to a wrong diagnose from a vet, it was really hard and all I could think of was making her feel confortable while she was recovering from the surgery. She's doing great atm! happy, jumping, being a very spoiled cat xD, I love her to the moon!

Soo, back to our main subject, Yay!! I'm having a GIVEAWAY, it's time for one! let's start this year with a biiig bigg one!

3 prizes will be given to the winners :)

And the rules are very simple!

1 ♥ Leave a comment under this post, so I can add your name into my hat (always the hat lol)
2 ♥ You have to be a follower on my blog 
3 ♥ Share it!

Deadline: 28 Feb at noon my time (GMT -3)

And the prizes are ... "suspense ... drums!!"

♥♥ 1st prize! ♥♥ A big stash for your creative moments :)

Precision scissors, acrylic paints, embossing powders, minerals, fimo, doilies ...

Craft sugar: fine and coarse for your fake sweets! glass glitter too

Stickers, toothpicks
♥♥ 2nd prize! ♥♥ A very nice ceramics set! (table not included) plus 2 mini cute terracotta planters :)

♥♥ 3rd prize!! ♥♥ A unique handmade by me "living book" about the Cornflower -myth, legend and very nice pics!!-

Hope you guys like the prizes and that you have fun participating!!

Good luck to all of you!

January 14, 2015

New collection: "Memories from the Prairie Cottage"

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Hello :)

Today I'd like to introduce you to my new collection called "Memories of the Prairie Cottage".
Last time I posted I showed you a few pieces so today I'm showing you more! My intention is to have many pieces so as to complete an entire house.

Tables, beds, cupboards, accesories and my miniaure food are among the many many pieces that complete this collection.

Are you curious about it already? if your answer is yes, go grab a cup of tea and enjoy the pictures :)

The sink was shown before, but I wanted you to see what was below. 

A very cozy sleigh bed in mint green. I did everything (except the bed!)

This picture shows you a different set of blanket and mat, these were crocheted by my using 100% silk thread. It's so soft to the touch and looks so nice on the bed! I also crocheted the rounded pillow.

Here I'm showing you the pink mat
More mini crochet! a nice detail for a pillow or just to use as a chair cover.

A chair close to the window ... look at the skirt :)

And at last, a cupboard! painted in a white birch tone, this cute piece was completely restored by me. It had a division on the right and I removed it. The shelves were stained in an oak tone. I added a nice floral paper to the counter and below. It comes with all the accessories you see :)

I still have to take more pictures of other pieces that I've completed. Hopefully I'm going to be uploading more tomorrow.

All these pieces are available at my Etsy shop ... in case you have the urge of buying them! xD

Thanks for your comments and for coming by!

January 02, 2015

Good wishes for 2015 and an upcoming collection!

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♥ Wishing you a wonderful 2015 full of success and happiness! ♥
♥ May all your dreams and hopes come true ♥

And at last but not least, thank you all for your comments, suggestions, for coming over my blog and be always so extra nice!!

I've started this 2015 with a new collection called "Memories from the prairie cottage",  inspired by the shabby look from the 19th century in England, the Gustavian swedish style and the present. 
It's going to take a while because my idea is doing a range of miniature furniture, food and accessories but I like the challenge ;)

It all began with miniature pieces that I didn't like much and I had to do something with them! so I thought "hmm, what if I try this this and that? it could work .." and it did! And now, I'm loving this pieces a lot xD. 

I love the skirt!!

Spots here and there .. 
This sink was all white, and boring! What I did was, adding details such as the skirt, the shelf and the dished drying on the kitchen towel.

All you need to wash before dinner ... ♥

Another piece I didn't like, a fake mahogany dry sink ... look at the result! some white paint and a lovely paper with bright flowers and it looks gorgeous. I added all the details so as to make it look like the ones used during the 18th century. 

At last a this chair which didn't have a nice color so I changed it ;), now it looks more vibrant plus the color of the upholstery makes look very elegant.

More pieces on the way, and all are available at my Etsy shop.

Thank you!