December 09, 2014

Swap with Cinderella moments

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Hello everyone,

I'm going to share with you the gorgeous adorable gifts that Caroline from *Cinderella Moments* sent me! We did a swap but I had to wait for a while to be able to get my package.

Just look at this!! A handpainted rug with sweet roses and macarons, all pastel ♥, a painted pan with dots that went non stop to my english kitchen, a tray with glazed donuts (yum), a welcome mat that looks sooo gorgeous at my kitchen's entry! baguettes and a brownie with cream and a decorated fork in pink polka dot! I can't tell you which one is my fav piece 'cause it's all so beautiful ... but there's more!

She sent me this 3 panel screen, it's handpainted and it's a treasure! I will cherish is forever Caroline! It's going to have a permanent place in my private collection :) maybe on the 2nd floor of the English kitchen that I have. ♥♥♥

A tray of glazed donuts, brownie and a pink polka dot fork ...

2 baguettes and the pan, aren't they the cutest?

The rug adds a lot of color to the interior of the kitchen, I love it!!

I'm very happy with all these gifts! You're incredibly talented Caroline!! Thank you so much for giving me the chance of a swap!

Hugs ♥


  1. Wow! What extraordinary swap gifts! Caroline really outdid herself and spoiled you rotten! Everything is adorable--no wonder you struggle to pick a favorite--wow! Enjoy all of these wonderful treasures. xo Jennifer

  2. Congratulations on your wonderful swap gifts. Everything is gorgeous. I love Caroline's hand painted items they are real treasures.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Las minis pintadas a mano de Caroline son preciosos,verdaderos tesoros,disfruta mucho de ellos!!!!!

  4. Beautiful gifts! The painted rug and screen are beautifully done, it must have taken such a steady hand to produce something that fine! The donuts look amazing!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  5. I was so happy to do a swap with you. It was so much fun! I love your gifts so much and I'm happy you like mine. Thank you so much for the amazing gifts! You are so talented and I love having your minis in my stash of incredible creations from around the world. :)

  6. Wonderful gifts! I just love Carolines paintwork =)
    Happy new year!