November 18, 2014

Shabby chic chair tutorial part 2: decoration and embellishments

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Hello again :)

Today I'm going to show you how to decorate the shabby chic chair we did yesterday (look at part 1: how to paint a shabby chic chair).

For the decoration I did 2 cute simple cushions and a little tiny pompon. Very simple and romantic.

This is what we're going to learn: pompon and cushions

Lets begin!


* Filling for the cushions
* scissors (big one to cut the fabric and a small one for the pompon)
* cotton thread
* fabric leftovers (can be plain, have small patterns ...whatever you may find in your stash!)
* embroidery thread
* piece of paper
* pencil
* pin

The square cushion

Take the piece of paper and trace the shape of the chair, leave 0.5 cm spare

Now take the fabric of your choice and put the paper shape on top to cut. You need 2 pieces.

If you've chosen a fabric with a patter as I did, place the patter side in.

And now we're going to sew as shown in the picture, not too tight. Leave one side open.

The stitches are going to be into the cushion, put some filling into.

Once you filled it, put the edge of the open side inwards as I'm showing you in the picture.
Sew the edges together, take your time so that it looks similar the the other 3 sides.

 The first cushion is ready!

Next I'm showing you how to sew a heart shape cushion. Don't panic! it's easier than it sounds :)

The heart shape cushion

Draw a heart in a piece of paper and cut.
Take some filling and do a "fabric sandwich" as shown in the pic, put a pin to hold it in place.

The stitches have to be close to the heart, you follow the shape as a guide.
You may have to push a few times the filling into the cushion.

Pull the thread gently and continue adding stitches to give your heart pillow a "fluffy" look. 
Pay special attention to the lowest part of the heart, you want it to look like one.

Now bring the scissors and cut fabric around the heart, don't go too close! leave a nice ruffle.

And you're done! 2 little cushions to decorate chairs, sofas ... and your shabby project of course ♥.

The hanging pompon

Take your pencil and wrap the embroidery thread 6 or 7 times.

Take 2 threads to tie the wrap.

It has to look like a sort of ribbon, tie it tight!!

With the small scissors, cut the sides and shape it. You may have to do a "hair cut" to the pompon to give the rounded shape.


Put it in your hands and form a ball, the middle has to be hidden.

Now pass the 2 threads with the help of a needle through the middle of the tiny pompon as shown.
Cut and tie a knot.

Hope you have fun making cushions, and that this tutorial helps you.
Thank you very much for your lovely comments! I read each one of them!

Hugs ***


  1. Hi Ann,
    Thank for sharing these wonderful techniques! They are perfect finishes for the chair. I especially love the heart shape pillow.

    1. Lisa hello sweety!
      It makes me really glad that you find the tutorial useful :). I just want to give oters the "extra mini push" to try something different! and using what you probably have home!

      The heart shape pillow is my fav too ♥. It was an experiment *giggles* that came out good

      Hugs and thank you for your kind words!!
      Hugs sweety!!


  2. I learned some things here! Thank you so much for this lovely tutorial, Ann! The heart-shaped pillow looks so cute, and this is a technique I haven't tried before. I can't wait to give it a go! xo Jennifer

    1. Jenn hi! so nice that you've learned something new. Hope you find inspiration with this tutorial and if you try it, pls let me know! I'd like to see what you come up with!

      Hugs my friend! A

  3. Thank you for this great cushions tutorial. I too love the heart shaped one.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. Darling Drora!
    Thank you for coming and checking my tutorial! the heart sheaped heart cushion is easier than it looks!

    Hugs dear,