November 27, 2014

Lady Victoria's tea room

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I'd like to share with you my latest restoration project called "Lady Victoria's tea room".
Victoria was my grandma's fav aunt, so the chosen name is in her honor.

It all started with a bunch of mini furniture that I have to restore, I took one table that had been around for months, 2 chairs that I wasn't happy with plus this shelf that I didn't know what to do with and voila! I had a nice matching set! lol, it's so true that people who have a mess on their tables are creative! 

I knew I wanted this set to be Swedish Gustavian style. I love the scandinavian palette, they have this pale blue grey tones that look awesome in any room. So after the restoration process, I painted in the chosen blue and sanded it a little to take it to the "shabby chic" side ;)

A hand crocheted rug for a cozy feeling ♥
The table and shelf add contrast with the oak wood tone, otherwise it was too pale.

What I did next was doing a fake table, yeaa as you read it ;). I didn't wat to ruin the table by gluing the tablecloth so I found a way to fake it and it looks good I believe!.
Fake table!
The tea set was carefully chosen, I started with the plate of pastries that I had and added all the little pieces. It's tea for 2, you have tea cups, glassed of water, a water jug, a teapot, some cherry jam and its tiny spoon, plates to put your pastry.
I did a mix of hand painted pieces and a few from a mini tea set I've bought

I forgot to add that, I did all the uphosltery of the chairs and hand painted the cornflowers. 
It's a unique piece, I'm not doing a second one.

Hope you like it, and if you'd like to give it a home ... it's available at my Etsy shop (till 26 dec, you have free shipping plus 15% discount by using the codes given at my shop)

Thank you!!


  1. You have made a wonderful little scene! I love the chairs, the painting is beautifully done. Great idea with the tablecloth!
    kind regards, Brian.

  2. Gorgeous work, Ann! I adore those hand painted cornflowers! xo Jennifer

  3. Just found your blog, love the fake table idea! Sandra

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