October 18, 2014

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Hello everyone!

I kind of dissapeared for a little while, this is me guys .. I post 4 times in a week or I vanish like a ninja lol.

I've been working a lot on my mum's ice cream shop project and the good news is, it's almost complete. The last details such as curtains, the tables and putting all the little pieces around that I did for this shop and it's going to be finished. It looks good so far. I may be posting some pics of it in a week or so.

But as the subject says, here I bring you the latest pieces I've been doing plus, a new Halloween mini addition to my Etsy shop *yay!*

A cute ceramic play filled with cookies :)

I'm quite happy about the way the muffin's swirl came around ... I was experimenting with ways of avoiding the frustration of using the cake decorating tip -_-"".
If you guys would like to know more about the "swirl experiment", let me know by leaving a comment.

At last!! pie safe restored to look like a 16th century piece (but with a touch of shabbiness! *giggles*)
Second piece I completed today; a pie safe. I restored it to look as a 16th century one.

A bit of history: "The pie safe was used to store not only pies, but also meat, bread, and other perishables, protecting them from vermin and insects, the Dutch introduced it in the 16th century to the US and it was used till the 19th century."

My pie safe was restored completely but before starting I researched about it so as to know about the palette ans style I had to follow. I took an "artistic license" with the flower motif ;)
And at last, I added some sweets, it's a pie safe after all!

More pieces on the way, I have many laying on my table (the usual thing) waiting to be finished.

Hugs ****


  1. Hi Ann! Your pie safe looks Great and so do the goodies on the table. I am Very interested on how you achieved the cupcake swirl. I am all ears! :D


    1. Hello Elizabeth!
      I'm glad you like the swirl effect, and since you'd like to know how I did it, I'm going to do a tutorial about decorating with "clay creams" :)

  2. Que bonitos se ven los dulces de halloween!!! Si que me gustaría saber como has logrado ese efecto remolino!!
    El mueble es bello y más con la decoración que le has puesto,me encanta!!!

    1. Hola Pilar!
      Gracias por tus palabras! estoy contenta con el mueble, lo tuve en mi mesa por meses hasta que ayer se me prendio la lamparita xD. Tengo otro mas un poco mas grande y sin los cajoncitos de arriba, en restauracion :)

      Besos querida! que estes muy bien!

  3. The pie safe looks fabulous. I love the "Halloween" table with everything on it.
    Of course I'd love to know how you make the cupcake swirl and shall be very
    grateful if you share it with us.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Dear Drora! it's always so nice to see you here :)
      The swirl came out looking good, I'm going to do a tutorial on how to decorate with "clay creams", how to do icing, frosting effect and more.

      Hugs for you my friend :)

  4. Wonderful pie safe, Ann, I really like the idea that you took an "artistic license" (I love to do this too, as you can see on my blog) with the flower motif ;)! Just like Elizabeth, I am curious how you achieved the "swirl" on the cupcakes. It seems to me quite difficult to make a perfect one, but you did ;O!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Ilona! thank you darling! :)
      I'm going to do a tutorial about decorating mini sweets so that all of you can do it as well, the cake decorating tip is really good in certain cases and not all.
      Revealing the "secret" soon ... ;)

      Hugs sweety!!!

  5. I like your wonderful pie safe. The Halloween table is amazing.

  6. Love the pie safe and jumping for joy that you are going to do a tutorial on the swirl! Yeah!! :-)

  7. How yummy! I am in love with that spider web doily. The pie safe is so lovely and the finish is like a step back in time. Great job as usual, sweetie. I am awaiting the tutorial..... ;-)

  8. Your pie safe turned out fantastic... and your Halloween treats look really mouthwatering. Great news that you're going to show us about the swirl effect - it's always good to learn new ways "how to"... ;O)


  9. Yummy treats for the season! The pie safe is wonderful work!

  10. Gorgeous work, Ann! Looks like you've been having a blast! I'd love to know how you avoided using the frosting tip. :-) Hope to hear from you again soon. xo Jennifer

  11. This is so sweet! And the pie cabinet is so gorgeous.
    By the way, did you get my package? You never told me.

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