October 31, 2014

Pink cakes Royal Collection -part 1-

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Hello everyone :)

Hope you're enjoying Halloween night! It's my fav day of the year - and not because of the candy/! I'm more into ham, cheese and salty stuff- so many horror movies on tv!! I love pastel colors and zombie stuff (The walking dead is by far one of the most awesome series!), monster movies .. what can I say? xD, I have a pink cute little monster inside lol.

Let me show you what this post is about; as you've read it has to do with pink cakes. I've been playing with polymer clay, light clay .. a bit of this one and that one and after doing one cake in pink I got hooked by it! and did a line of luxury pink cakes. This ones are the 1st part, I have a few to finish yet and so far, I can say I'm pretty glad with the result.

Shall we have a look guys? :) then go grab your cup of tea, no sugar! these cakes are sweet enough already!

The Pink Royal collection.

How about a slice of this 2 layer raspberry cream cake with fresh raspberries on top?

Or a vanilla bundt with pink cream, coconut and pink glitter! it has its golden doilie

A slice of raspberry cake is served, a cup of red tea has been poured. Vanilla cake and strawberry cream with pearls

A 2 tier stand filled with cookies, brownie, hear macaroons ..meringue ...

Strawberry cheesecake, spongy and fresh ..yum!

There's a 2nd set coming very soon, I have to do the last details today, hopefully it's going to be up tomorrow :)
Hope you like this cakes, and if you'd like to purchase them you can find them at my Etsy shop :)

Thanks for looking!!
Comments, suggestions ... are always welcome!

Hugs ***

October 18, 2014

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Hello everyone!

I kind of dissapeared for a little while, this is me guys .. I post 4 times in a week or I vanish like a ninja lol.

I've been working a lot on my mum's ice cream shop project and the good news is, it's almost complete. The last details such as curtains, the tables and putting all the little pieces around that I did for this shop and it's going to be finished. It looks good so far. I may be posting some pics of it in a week or so.

But as the subject says, here I bring you the latest pieces I've been doing plus, a new Halloween mini addition to my Etsy shop *yay!*

A cute ceramic play filled with cookies :)

I'm quite happy about the way the muffin's swirl came around ... I was experimenting with ways of avoiding the frustration of using the cake decorating tip -_-"".
If you guys would like to know more about the "swirl experiment", let me know by leaving a comment.

At last!! pie safe restored to look like a 16th century piece (but with a touch of shabbiness! *giggles*)
Second piece I completed today; a pie safe. I restored it to look as a 16th century one.

A bit of history: "The pie safe was used to store not only pies, but also meat, bread, and other perishables, protecting them from vermin and insects, the Dutch introduced it in the 16th century to the US and it was used till the 19th century."

My pie safe was restored completely but before starting I researched about it so as to know about the palette ans style I had to follow. I took an "artistic license" with the flower motif ;)
And at last, I added some sweets, it's a pie safe after all!

More pieces on the way, I have many laying on my table (the usual thing) waiting to be finished.

Hugs ****