September 07, 2014

Air Dry Clay -the basics-

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Hello guys :)

My next tutorial is going to be how to make a banana cream pie. But before uploading it, I thought it'd be a good idea to introduce you to the main material we're going to use for this project and others in a near future.


Air Dry Clay ... what is it?

It's a type of clay that doesn't need to be baked. You work with it and let it dry alone, it doesn't take much time for it to harden, quite the opposite!.
The amount of detail you can achieve is great, plus it's not sticky.

Different brands

There are different brands, the one I'm using here is from Fimo, called "Fimo Light". It's soft to the touch, comes in white and it has more than enough for many projects. I have the 125 gr (4.40 oz) package and still have half of it! it's worth the price.

Other brands I've tried are from Japan, and these are: Grace, Racoon and Fando. All these are to create whipped cream decorations, and from all I the one I loove the most is Fando. It's realistic and can be used to make complex decorations on your fake desserts. So if you have the chance t buy Fando, you wont regret it!

What about the tools?

Use the ones you have for regular fimo plus these:

- water container (to add tiny bits of water when needed to slow down the drying process)
- PVA glue -I've been gluing pieces together with it and it works perfecty-
- ZIPLOC bags: you need to store in an air tight container and the bag is just fine :). Oterwise the package will dry.

How we color it?

Watercolor and acrylics work great, and after it dries you can keep on adding detail to it with the paints mentioned before and others suck as markers.
All these are water based paints, but oil painting can work as well.

Remember that: If you're going to use acrylics you have to work fast because this type of paint dries fast plus the clay too!

You can varnish your piece with any kind of varnish once it's dry.


I think this is it for now. Now lets have some fun working with this really good medium :)

Comments, questions, suggestions ... be welcome to write them down :).


  1. Wonderful information! I did not know that Fimo made an air dry clay. I have not worked with air dry clay very much so I am looking forward to seeing your tutorial.

    1. Thank you Lisa :)
      Air dry clay from fimo in white works great for me, I've been testing it for a while to make cakes and other food pieces. You can achieve a lot of detail with it.
      Tutorial coming soon ... have to upload it!


  2. Thanks for sharing info on air dry clay, there is soo many versions out there. Also love the bundt cake and well you can never go wrong with a magic cauldron!

    1. Jenny you're welcome!
      I've never tried before air dry clay to make mini food -I did use the japanese Fando, Racoon and Grace to make small decorations- but I had to give it a try. Artisans in miniature like Nunu's House or Milky Ribbon use it so ... I had to experiment myself ;)

      Hugs Jenny!

  3. Hi Ann! I too, LOVE working with Air Dry Clay!
    However, I had no idea that the Incredible assortment of desserts that you presented were made using this medium, so I am now DOUBLY IMPRESSED!
    You are quite right in your outline of what the adjustments are when working with these clays. The Fando sounds very interesting!
    I love ALL of your desserts and the banana creme pie tutorial sounds just dreamy
    And I am really looking forward to it too. :))


    1. Elizabeth hi!
      I started experimenting with air dry clay on july while I was on vacations. The 1st attempt was a bundt cake, after that I did the battenberg and so on :)
      I totally love it, I mean not everybody gets along with regular fimo. I use it yes, but it's good to be open to new experimenting ;)

      In a little while I'm uploading the tutorial, I've just finished editing the pics .

      Hugs ****

  4. Hi Ann, Thanks for this nice intro to air dry clay. I keep meaning to look for the Fimo air dry clay that you mentioned when I'm at the craft store. I'm looking forward to seeing your next tutorial too! xo Jennifer

  5. Thanks for this very interesting introduction. It's of course a big advantage that no baking is involved.

    Greetings from Germany

    1. Birgit hello :)

      Yes you're right, it is a big advantage. You can use this clay for a wide range of foods, specially sweets, breads.

      Hugs ****

  6. Hi Ann! Thank you so much for this very interesting tutorial and for sharing your knowledge.
    I also didn't know that Fimo had a dry air clay, I have to find out where they sell it here in The Netherlands... I would love to experiment with this sort of clay :)!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Ilona darling :)
      It's a lovely type of clay, I love it.
      As I said before it allows you to do a wide range of mini sweets 'cause of its texture.
      Hope you find it in The Netherlands, I believe you are going to. It's widely found in Europe :)

      Hugs darling!