September 18, 2014

Spooky mini Halloween :)

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Hello guys :)

I have more pics of the finished pieces that I've completed for Halloween.

Among them, a very nice cupboard that now looks like a 19th century Italian piece. You know? I see it and it reminds me of the movie "Practical Magic" with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, if you dind't watch it ... do it! the set design is gorgeous and so inspiring for Halloween!

I'm quite happy with the result, it's my 1st attempt on doing "faux marble" finish and in blue! (most of my shop is blue or pink ... lol).

Here's the cupboard:

Completely restored, new handles and a matching paper into each drawer

Finished piece and my cam reflecting in the mirror lol

Potions, magic and more potions! many of them for sale at my Etsy shop :)

Any magic practitioner needs a wand, and here's a very special and one of a kind wand that I've made. It's real wood from my parent's ash tree outside (nono!!! I didn't cut a branch! I wait till they get rid of the very long branches before summer comes and instead of trashing all that precious wood, I cut some so as to do wands, fairy furniture and more :)).
The stone you see is the outside of a real diamond (the heart of the stone is the expensive part cos of its purity), and it reflects the light beautifully....
I added moons and pearl beads.

Detail of the stone

And here we have a smaller table showing other things like ... a witch's hat! it has a silken violet ribbon.

Pics of the potions you can find them soon at my Esy shop, I have to upload them.

Thanks for looking!!! more pieces on the way!

Hugs ****

September 14, 2014

Getting ready for Halloween

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I've started crafting some mini pieces for Halloween, my fav season by the way!
The amount of creepy funny things you can do to decorate your house or yard, the props and food! this last topic is between gross and funny lol. I don't think I'd go for certain treats that I've found around the internet ... there's a limit! Like a brain made of shrimps it's ok (and I love these a lot ... the shrimps! not the brains lol ... unless you're more zombie like XD) but a cake under the shape of a sliced ear? uhmm no tnx! I pass! ....

Anyways, I'm totally into Halloween mood and I have some pieces that I completed during the past week till today. There's more to come but I let you have a sneak peak xD.

And I want to let you know that I'm going to have a 10% discount till 31st October! yay! Just buy a minimun of USD 20 and use the code GHOST31 when checking out! :)

Let me show you a few of my newest creations for this awesome season:

Boo! cake ... doesn't it look good? I hand painted the ceramic cake stand with tiny pumpkins :)

Have a slice of pate in the shape of brains ... yum!

And grab a glass of delicious freshly made Toxic lemonade! and that candle holder has a real used candle that I had to shape to fit in it.
This is how the table is looking like so far, more pieces coming soon!

Hope you like it! I'm having lots of fun while working on this!

Hugs ***

September 07, 2014

1/12 tutorial: Banana cream pie with dulce de leche :)

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As requested here it is: banana cream pie tutorial =)

If you read the post about "Air dry clay: the basics" then you're ready to have fun making this little cute cake.

Let's get started!


- Air dry clay: fimo light in white (or any other air dry clay you have but it has to be white)
- Acrylic paint: yellow ochre, white, burnt umber, orange, lemon yellow (and if you have somewhere acrylics from Americana bring "Taffy cream")
- 3D gloss super heavy gel (you're going to find this sooo useful!)
- Brushes
- Water container
- Paper napkins
- Baby wipes
- Tools to work with the clay: toothbrush, needle tool, razor blade, dotting tool/s
- PVA glue
- Miniature ceramic plate or a paper plate/doilie
- Palette for mixing the colors
- Tweezers

Optional materials:  - cake decorating tip -very small star tip- and small piece of plastic bag
                                 - 1 inch rounded cookie cutter (or any other rounded bottle cup this size)
                                 - High gloss varnish


In this recipe you're going to learn how to achieve realistic effects using a combination of artistic mediums and how to handle air dry clay. Have fun!!!


Doesn't it look yummy? grab a cup of tea and get ready to make yours!


Pie crust

There're 2 ways of doing it:
 1- mix yellow of Naples watercolor to the clay or,
 2- mix  a bit of lemon yellow and yellow ochre

This is how it should look like

This picture shows you what you can use as a cookie cutter if you don't have one :) we improvise!

And in order to keep the size, I use a paper doilie (or ceramic plate if you have one by hand)

We cut a circle, the height of the crust has to be around 0,3 cm more or less so as to be scaled.

Use a dotting tool, or your fingers to lift up a bit the edges

With the dotting tool do the edges by pressing lightly and texture using the toothbrush

And here's the pie crust so far!

Use a pic of a real banana cream pie -I did- so as to have the real look of it, your mini pie is going to be looking more real when it shows i
mperfections. Food is not perfect at all!

 The painting stage

Mix yellow ochre, lemon yellow (and if you have taffy cream by americana that'd be a plus)
until you have a nice "custard" color. This will be the golden crust of the pie.

Here I'm showing you how it's looking so far :)

Let the crust dry before moving to the filling.

Dulce de leche filling

We're going to mix the "dulce de leche" (or Pampa jam, which is traditional from my homecountry)
Mix ochre, orange, a touch of white and taffy cream and tiny bit of burnt umber untl you have this bright shade of brown.
Add 3D deco gel as I'm sowing here.

Filling the pie with dulce de leche! yum xD

This 3D deco gel doesn't change the colors, and it allows you to play a bit with the "peaks".
Let it dry a bit before next stage.

The cream

Grab a piece of air dry clay and put it into the cake decorating tip.
Put a piece of plastic bag and with the back of a brush push.

Here it comes, a very nice whipped cream!


Once you have all the whipped cream, put a bit of  PVA  glue on top of the dulce de leche and from the outside to the inside and up arrange your cream.
Look at the pic, it's more clear that putting it in words ;p

Yay! almost done! 

What we do now is adding some white acrylic paint to the cream for the extra look.

The banana slices

I don't like doing canes so we're going to achieve a similar effect here by rolling a bit of "raw crust" color -the mix from the beggining- as shown in the picture.

Once the cilinder is dried, cut slices -carefully- and push them down a bit with your finger if needed.


Now let's color the slices, use yellow ochre and burnt amber for the banana seeds.

You may have to hold them with the tweezers, the slices are very tiny.

Glue the slices to the cake and voila! we're done!!!

Hope you find this tutorial useful my friends, if you try it please let me know! I'd like to see how your banana cream pies look like!

Hugs ***

Air Dry Clay -the basics-

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Hello guys :)

My next tutorial is going to be how to make a banana cream pie. But before uploading it, I thought it'd be a good idea to introduce you to the main material we're going to use for this project and others in a near future.


Air Dry Clay ... what is it?

It's a type of clay that doesn't need to be baked. You work with it and let it dry alone, it doesn't take much time for it to harden, quite the opposite!.
The amount of detail you can achieve is great, plus it's not sticky.

Different brands

There are different brands, the one I'm using here is from Fimo, called "Fimo Light". It's soft to the touch, comes in white and it has more than enough for many projects. I have the 125 gr (4.40 oz) package and still have half of it! it's worth the price.

Other brands I've tried are from Japan, and these are: Grace, Racoon and Fando. All these are to create whipped cream decorations, and from all I the one I loove the most is Fando. It's realistic and can be used to make complex decorations on your fake desserts. So if you have the chance t buy Fando, you wont regret it!

What about the tools?

Use the ones you have for regular fimo plus these:

- water container (to add tiny bits of water when needed to slow down the drying process)
- PVA glue -I've been gluing pieces together with it and it works perfecty-
- ZIPLOC bags: you need to store in an air tight container and the bag is just fine :). Oterwise the package will dry.

How we color it?

Watercolor and acrylics work great, and after it dries you can keep on adding detail to it with the paints mentioned before and others suck as markers.
All these are water based paints, but oil painting can work as well.

Remember that: If you're going to use acrylics you have to work fast because this type of paint dries fast plus the clay too!

You can varnish your piece with any kind of varnish once it's dry.


I think this is it for now. Now lets have some fun working with this really good medium :)

Comments, questions, suggestions ... be welcome to write them down :).

September 06, 2014

Moon magic ritual for halloween night

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Hello friends!

I'm finishing the banana cream pie tutorial but in the meantime I'd like to share with you my latest creation inspired by the moon.

You'll see, my fav time of the day is ... the night. It's so silent that makes my creativity fly away.

As usual it all started with one piece, in this case it was the mirror.

The 2 candles I had them from other projects but I thought they'd look better with a retouch (and they did). The magic potion says "Moonlight dust", the label was handmade, written in my own handwriting!
The rounded piece you see is my concept idea of a "moon oracle", it has a tiny crescent moon in one of the sides ... it seems someone has been using it ....

No background ready to take pics, I was oh great, so lets see what I can do about it. I ended up doing a sort of "old moon chart" with magic words and moons everywhere (doodling with white pencil lol) and it looked good so now pics can be taken :)

Hope you like it guys, I'm doing more for Halloween plus other items too (that I'm not telling about so you can see them during October :))

A view of the complete set: potion, mirror, candles and oracle board

You can see my phone lol, I was using it to take pics :p

Thanks for looking!!