August 28, 2014

Cakes and pastel colors!

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Between yesterday and this morning I completed this little scene.

(Nono, I haven't forgotten about the tutorial lol, I'm going to be working on it today and tomorrow, hopefully tomorrow afternoon/evening should be up.)

My mum asked me if I could do a table with cakes to be given as a gift so I thought ...cakes, table ... why not making a birthday or some sort of party scene :)

So I had this table I've made for one of my Bakery delights scenes but never sold it so time to use all those pieces in other projects. 

The chairs I bought them like a year ago and had them there, not knowing how to restore them. Until the creative bug got me ;). So fabric scraps, ribbon and now they look colorful and nice!

Ok less bla bla and more pics so you can see:

A view of the whole scene, at the side there's a smaller table with a milkshake and cheesecake yum ..

3 mousse cake with cherries on top, different types of biscuits, a vanilla and strawberry frosting cake, chocolate cookies and l' isaphan (like the ones at Laduree). Would you like a glass of coke? or perhaps some pink lemonade? :) 

Detail of the chocolate biscuits and l' isaphan. An almost empty glass of coke was left ....

Glass of fresh made pink lemonade :) 

Close up of the vanilla and strawberry frosting cake, it has tiny pink pearls on top.

Corner table containing 2 cheesecake slices and a blueberry milkshake. The tray was hand painted by me :)
These are the chairs I restored :) and I also did the cushions. It was so much fun working on them!

A Louis XVI settee, I handpainted the fabric and added a silken thread around it. 

That's it! It was a long day yesterday but I finished it!
Just for you to know: the chairs, sofa and presents are available for you to buy at my etsy shop :)

Thanks for looking!! comments, suggestions or questions are always welcome :)

August 21, 2014

Time for a tutorial :)

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Hello :)

It's been a while since I posted a tutorial but this time I want to do something different.

I'd like you guys, to tell me what would you like me to do a tutorial about, is there a cake, biscuits ... decoration techniques that you'd like to learn about? or perhaps a technique you'd like to know about?

I'm going to be waiting for your comments!

Hugs ***

August 13, 2014

Participating at a miniature fair :)

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Hello :)

I want to let you know that I'm going to participate at Shelly Norris's "Miniature show starting tomorrow 14 august till 17.

All my pieces for the show have a lower price, so if there's anything that you ever wanted to buy from me, this is your chance :). I've only listed miniature food and books since I've been working a lot lately and couldn't sit down to have new furniture items ready.

I do hope you visit me, and that you like what I've listed.

And here's a glimpse of what you may find there :)

Boards for your mini food making (all hadmade by me out of real wood ... isn't the tiny heart a cute detail?)

Cake molds made of real aluminum that I recycle

One of a kind bounded books (my specialty!)

Hand carved tiny spoons for the mini food making

One of a kind tables ....

Chalk boards (which can be custom made for you)   
New item!! Cake stands in different shapes, colors and sizes ...!!

Plus many other little things to complete your little scene!

Thank you! and see you there!
Hugs ***

htt:// (and here look for El arte de Angelina)
The show is opening today at midnight GMT -3 my time (check yours :p)

August 07, 2014

A set of 4 cakes looking for a miniature home!

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Wondering about this post's title? well let me tell you a short story about the chosen title ...
A lady asked me if I could do a custom order for her, a set of 4 miniature cakes in 1/12 scale: 1 cherry pie, 1 apple pie, 2 bundt cakes -one with lemon drizzle-. I finished them and later she tells me that her husband had an accident and that she can't purchase them atm. Ok ... so I've learned something today and that is to be more careful when I do commissions and ask for a percentage before starting. It takes hours to complete an order like this, or days if your creativity is not in the mood.

So despite this situation, I have now 4 gorgeous little cakes looking for a nice home ... and at a special price!! (meaning you get the 4 of them for less than usual!!) plus 10% OFF using a coupon I've got at my Etsy shop (till 15 August).

Here you have the pics, hope you like them :)

Cherry pie and slice, lemon bundt with drizzle, apple pie and a simple bundt cake and slice
Bundt with lemon drizzle and apple pie ... yum