July 07, 2014

Of vacations and air dry clay part 2

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As I promised yesterday, the pictures of my experimenting with Fimo Air dry clay (by the way, it's the Light one).

After coloring I sculpted this tiny bundt cake using my dotting tool and a needle tool.

View from above, doesn't it look cute? :P

Tooth brush and retouching a bit

I was very impressed on this clay, I admit I wasn't having high hopes about it but after testing it I totally love the result!

Next I'm showing you the finished piece:

I retouched it with acrylic paint so as to enhance the dark spots. (Those thing threads you see are from my woolen sweater -.-" I don't have to tell you that you have to be extra careful since this clay grabs everthing ... right?)

View from above of the cake, I love it! It didn't shrink or change or anything. And the tiny slice matches perfectly on the cake. Something that I can't achieve when using oven baked clay.

About the coloring: as I wrote yesterday, I achieved the best result by mixing a bit of soft pastel and just a tiny little bit of acrylic paint.

I really hope you find my experience and comments about air dry clay helpful.
If you have questions or comments, feel free to drop a line :).

Thank you!

Como prometí ayer, acá están las fotos de mi experimento con la masa de modelado Fimo de secado al aire (la que es Light)

Después de colorear la masa, le di forma con una punta redonda pequeña y la aguja.
Con el cepillo dental le di textura y la retoque un poco.

La verdad este material me sorprendió, digamos que no tenia altas expectativas cuando lo compre y ahora me encanta!!

Las fotos donde se ve la pieza terminada muestran como se ve la torta después de que la pinte aquí y allá con un poco de acrílico a "punto aguachento" :).

La torta no cambio de tamaño ni forma. Y la rodaja coincide exactamente con la torta. Esto es algo que no puedo conseguir si uso pasta de modelar de cocción en horno.

Espero que mi experiencia te haya servido y que encuentres esta revisión útil!
Si tenes preguntas o comentarios, escribime :)


Importante ... esos hilos que ven en la foto son de mi sweater! esta masa agarra todo! asi que ojo con la lana :p y a limpiarse las manos con toallitas humedas de cuando en cuando.


  1. Nice results! Thank you again for the tips! xo Jennifer

    1. Thanks again Jen :)

      More experiments going on ...I feel like a mad scientist mixing and taking notes and grabbing my hairs when it doesn't come out as expected lol ...

      Hugs sweet!

  2. This looks great! Does Fimo make air drying clay too?! I had no idea =)