July 07, 2014

Of vacations and air dry clay :p

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Here I am enjoying my well deserved vacations :) at one of the most beautiful places I've been many times since I was little: Auckland, New Zealand.
Even when it's a bit rainy (more like a drizzle) and the sky is grey, this place is gorgeous :). People here is very kind ... a perfect place for the creative bug to recharge its batteries!

My sculpting tools are among the important things to pack when I travel (so if I forgot to pack a sweater or stuff like this it's ok, I can go and buy a new one but my tools? no way! they can't be replaced! lol).
I brought with me this clay I've bought some time ago: Air dry clay by Fimo and I've been playing, experimenting with it during the past days.

If you buy a package of this clay and open it, have a ziploc bag (to keep it sealed shut) to prevent it from drying and I really mean this! it doesn't take much time for it to dry fast.

A property I like about this type of clay is the amount of detail you can achieve. While it's still humid, you can grab your old toothbrush, needle tool and voila! a tiny bread or cake.

Before working with it, I searched on the web about what could be used for coloring, some use acrylic or oil paint, inks, cake coloring dyes, soft pastels.
You can add color by mixing it on the clay or after it dries. I suppose it has to do with the kind of project you're working in.

I've only tried acrylic paint and soft pastels so far. When mixing acrylics, just put a microscopic bit 'cause this kind of medium has water on its formula so if it's too much you might end with annoying sticky fingers -.-".
Today I mixed an amount of some pastels and a tiny drop of acrylic paint. The result was much better, the powder and the liquid consistency seemed to be balanced and it wasn't either sticky or too dry.

Adding pics tomorrow for you to see the results.

I do hope this rambling speech is helpful for you :p

See you soon!


  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! xo Jennifer

    1. Jenn hi!!

      Thank you for leaving a comment (and for reading about my experiment)!! I do hope this helps you in your polymer clay quest xD ...

      Hugs sweety! A