July 31, 2014

And the winner of the GIVEAWAY is .....!

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*CHAN CHAN!!!! .....* "suspense and drums" (lol)

16 names participating ....
All in the hat, me picking the paper ....


2nd place Lisa :)

Both 1st place and 2nd :)

Congrats to the winners!!
Pavluv Payne, the stash is yours :) and Lisa T you are receiving a small gift as well :). Please send me your addresses to theminibookmaker@gmail.com so I send your prizes by mail :)
Thanks to all of you who showed interest and participated!!!

Hugs!! ***

July 30, 2014

GIVEAWAY reminder :)

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Hello !

Just wanted to remind you that tomorrow's the GIVEAWAY, yay! you could win a set of useful tools to do your miniature art or for other type of crafts :)

The draw will take place tomorrow 31 july at noon (GMT -3). All names participating (and who followed the rules) will be going into my hat and the winner will be announced shortly after.

You still have plenty of time to participate! just check the simple rules in the post about the giveaway and get a chance to win!

To all of you who already are in, thank you very much!!! and the best of luck!!

Hugs ***

July 23, 2014

Carmen's GIVEAWAY!

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mi pequeña evasión: Celebrando: Si señor@s, estoy de celebración. Tengo muchas cosas para celebrar : .- hace tres años y tres meses largos que formo parte de este ext...

Carmen's GIVEAWAY!! a set of gorgeous flowers and other very beautiful little things :)

1/12 Vanilla sweets table

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Last evening while working in a commission piece, my creative bug had an idea.

I have this big box with furniture that I've been collecting, doing and then I see this table I've made like 2 or 3 years ago over there, all dusty and TA DAAA! I found the inspiration for another of my tables! Btw, all the doilies were handmade by me, it's an extra detail that I love :)

The commissioned piece included a bundt cake with vanilla sauce, kind of a soft pale yellow ... ok I thought, yellow is not exaclty in my fav colors palette but I can give it a go and see what happens.
And 2 hours later ... I had almost finished it! just a few details were left for this morning.

I'm very pleased with the result, specially 'cause the banana pie, the table and the chocolate cake had been around my table for a while without knowing what to do with them.

And here come the pics :) hope you like this piece! (if you'd like buying it, it's listed at my Etsy shop and remember I'm having 10% discount with a coupon till 15 August!!)

It's a very nice morning at the cottage kitchen ....

Banana cream pie, bundt cake with vanilla sauce ... a slice has been served....
Some ingredients needed: vanilla extract in a box, flour, banana slices, chocolate ... delicious!

Coffee? tea or a glass of milk with your slice?

There you have the cookie plate!

Thanks for looking!

July 16, 2014


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Hi everyone :)

GIVEAWAY time!!!!!!!

This time the prize is a very useful stash of tools for you to work in miniature or use it in oter crafts :)
My way to say thank you to all of you who follow me, leave comments and participate :) it means a lot :)

Now the very simple rules to enter in the giveaway:

- in order to participate, you have to follow me
- leave a comment in this post (so I can see who's participating ..:p)
- share it!

This giveaway ends on 31 July. I'll take pics of all the names participating and of the winner's name, yay!

And here's the prize :)

 Green pencil case (tin), dotting tool, toothbrush, tweezers. soft sponge, all purpose tacky glue and fimo classic clay in yellow.

Wooden rolling pin, plastic palette, Winsor & Newton yellow watercolor (perfect to color fimo air dry light), 4 tiny binder clips, 3 Reeves brushes (0, 1 and 3), a great needle tool (i've the same one and it's awesome to work with!) and 2 small plastic bottles.

I chose this tin 'cause almost all the tools can fit into :)

I really hope you like this prize and that you find it useful :)

***Hugs*** and lots of good luck!!

(en castellano :))

Hora de un GIVEAWAY!

Esta vez el premio consiste en herramientas para que uses en tus trabajos miniatura o en otras manualidades :)
Esta es mi manera de decir gracias a todos aquellos que me siguen, dejan comentarios y participan :) significa mucho para mi :)

Ahora las reglas son muy simples para entrar en este giveaway:

- para partcipar, tenes que ser seguidor de este blog
- tenes que dejar un comentario en este post (asi veo quien participa :p)
- compartilo!

Termina el 31 de julio. Voy a tomar fotos de los nombres que participan y del ganador!

El premio consiste en: caja de lata verde (para guardar la mayor parte de las cosas), esponja, pinzas, herramienta de bolilla de 2 tamanos (dotting tool), cepillo dental, pegamento multiuso, un bloque de fimo classic amarillo, palo de madera, 2 contenedores chicos, 3 pinceles Reeves, paleta plastica, acuarela Winsor & Newton (ideal para colorear fimo light de secado al aire), 4 ganchitos y una maravillosa herramienta de punta para trabajar fimo o cualquier pasta de modelado (yo tengo la misma).

Espero que el premio te guste y que te sea muy util!! :)

*Abrazos*** y mucha suerte!!!


July 13, 2014

Cheesecake "A la fraise"

Yum ... this is how I'd like to start this post lol!
I loove cheesecake with raspberry sauce! but in this occasion I'm bringing to you a strawberry one topped with 3 fresh strawberries.

1/12 scale as usual :) and the doilie is one of the many I've been doing, yay! finally some good ones!

I made this using air dry clay by fimo (light), and I totally love it!

Kk, no more mumbling rumbling :P, here are the pics for you to see:

Tiny and sweet :) only 2 cm x 1,5 cm

Handmade doilie (*proud*)

Fresh from my clay bakery to your dollhouse!

Would you like buying one? just click on my Etsy shop link on the side :)

Next time I'm going to post a tutorial so you can learn how I did the doilie, a simple way to decorate them :)

Thanks for viewing!

(en castellano :))

Me encanta el cheesecake con salsa de frambuesa! pero en esta oportunudad les traigo uno de frutilla con 3 frutillas encima.

Escala 1/12  como siempre :) y el mantelito es uno de los muchos que estuve haciendo yay! finalmente me salen algunos buenos!

Hice esta pieza usando Fimo light de secado al aire y me encanta!!!

Si quisieras comprar uno o ver otros sabores, segui el link de mi tienda Etsy al costado :)

La proxima voy a escribir un tutorial para mostrar como hice el mantelito, una forma simple de decorarlos :)

Muchas gracias por tu visita!!!


Soft and Malleable: JULY Giveaway!! Cake, Macaroons and Birthday Candl...

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Soft and Malleable: JULY Giveaway!! Cake, Macaroons and Birthday Candl...: Hi All! I'm giving away this cute chocolate cake with strawberry cream and sugar bows, the candles and the portion of macaroons. The pla...

July 10, 2014

Latest additions at my Etsy shop :)

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Hello :)

I want to let you know that I added 2 new miniature pieces at my Etsy shop.

I'm going through a pink period (if Picasso had his blue period ... then I can have a pink period! lol) and this is so far what I did: a cozy blanket that would look very cute on a mini sofa, I hand crocheted it in pink .. so shabby it looks! and I also made a Battenburg cake with pink cream on top *yum* ... I've also did the doilie.

Be welcome to take a glimpse and my shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ElartedeAngelina

Pics of this new pieces for you to see:

My fingers so you can compare the size, it's very little!

Fancy a cup of tea and a slice? :) The doilie looks pretty much respectable

Nothing better than a throw blanket, a good book and a rainy Friday afternoon at home (even if it's a dollhouse home!)

My fav detail: the ribbon

Remember that there's a 10% discount coupon that you can use if you'd like to purchase something form my shop. You can use it till August 15.


July 07, 2014

Of vacations and air dry clay part 2

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As I promised yesterday, the pictures of my experimenting with Fimo Air dry clay (by the way, it's the Light one).

After coloring I sculpted this tiny bundt cake using my dotting tool and a needle tool.

View from above, doesn't it look cute? :P

Tooth brush and retouching a bit

I was very impressed on this clay, I admit I wasn't having high hopes about it but after testing it I totally love the result!

Next I'm showing you the finished piece:

I retouched it with acrylic paint so as to enhance the dark spots. (Those thing threads you see are from my woolen sweater -.-" I don't have to tell you that you have to be extra careful since this clay grabs everthing ... right?)

View from above of the cake, I love it! It didn't shrink or change or anything. And the tiny slice matches perfectly on the cake. Something that I can't achieve when using oven baked clay.

About the coloring: as I wrote yesterday, I achieved the best result by mixing a bit of soft pastel and just a tiny little bit of acrylic paint.

I really hope you find my experience and comments about air dry clay helpful.
If you have questions or comments, feel free to drop a line :).

Thank you!

Como prometí ayer, acá están las fotos de mi experimento con la masa de modelado Fimo de secado al aire (la que es Light)

Después de colorear la masa, le di forma con una punta redonda pequeña y la aguja.
Con el cepillo dental le di textura y la retoque un poco.

La verdad este material me sorprendió, digamos que no tenia altas expectativas cuando lo compre y ahora me encanta!!

Las fotos donde se ve la pieza terminada muestran como se ve la torta después de que la pinte aquí y allá con un poco de acrílico a "punto aguachento" :).

La torta no cambio de tamaño ni forma. Y la rodaja coincide exactamente con la torta. Esto es algo que no puedo conseguir si uso pasta de modelar de cocción en horno.

Espero que mi experiencia te haya servido y que encuentres esta revisión útil!
Si tenes preguntas o comentarios, escribime :)


Importante ... esos hilos que ven en la foto son de mi sweater! esta masa agarra todo! asi que ojo con la lana :p y a limpiarse las manos con toallitas humedas de cuando en cuando.

Of vacations and air dry clay :p

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Here I am enjoying my well deserved vacations :) at one of the most beautiful places I've been many times since I was little: Auckland, New Zealand.
Even when it's a bit rainy (more like a drizzle) and the sky is grey, this place is gorgeous :). People here is very kind ... a perfect place for the creative bug to recharge its batteries!

My sculpting tools are among the important things to pack when I travel (so if I forgot to pack a sweater or stuff like this it's ok, I can go and buy a new one but my tools? no way! they can't be replaced! lol).
I brought with me this clay I've bought some time ago: Air dry clay by Fimo and I've been playing, experimenting with it during the past days.

If you buy a package of this clay and open it, have a ziploc bag (to keep it sealed shut) to prevent it from drying and I really mean this! it doesn't take much time for it to dry fast.

A property I like about this type of clay is the amount of detail you can achieve. While it's still humid, you can grab your old toothbrush, needle tool and voila! a tiny bread or cake.

Before working with it, I searched on the web about what could be used for coloring, some use acrylic or oil paint, inks, cake coloring dyes, soft pastels.
You can add color by mixing it on the clay or after it dries. I suppose it has to do with the kind of project you're working in.

I've only tried acrylic paint and soft pastels so far. When mixing acrylics, just put a microscopic bit 'cause this kind of medium has water on its formula so if it's too much you might end with annoying sticky fingers -.-".
Today I mixed an amount of some pastels and a tiny drop of acrylic paint. The result was much better, the powder and the liquid consistency seemed to be balanced and it wasn't either sticky or too dry.

Adding pics tomorrow for you to see the results.

I do hope this rambling speech is helpful for you :p

See you soon!