June 15, 2014

...Fancy some ice cream? -The making of my Ice Cream Shop-

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Hello :)

It's been a while since I posted something but as you know I've been working and working and ... working! on this ice cream parlor project which is actually a gift for my mum (if you're curious, read the prev post for more info on how this became a big project).

The good news are that the structure is complete! yay! and atm I'm working on the architectural details in order to create the atmosphere which means choosing the right decoration, building up the chandelier and other lamps(my bro in law and dad are contributing here :)) and many small and tiny details that make a difference.

Sooo how about a small sneak peak? 

The very beginning! cutting door and window from a piece of cardboard

Here the facade is taking shape, the door has its detailing, same with the 2 windows. At the bottom, my pencil case and ... candy wrapping! LOL XD 

All sealed using Gesso, isn't it nice? (lol, proud designer!) and .. you see my pink cup of tea :p it's a must when I'm sitting down to work!

I did the whole structure myself using cardboard left overs that I kept from when I was studying set design at uni. 
Other different papers have been use on the making of this shop, from cardboard to kitchen towels, cereal boxes, cardboard from notebooks. Instead of trashing it I use it for what I need to build up, it's a great material, cheap and I'm helping the environment. These are times to think green and re use what you have :)

As you can see, you don't need much to do a scale model of something that you'd like; cardboard, scissors, glue and a hobby knife are all I used to do the structure. 

If any of you would like to know more of the making of my model, feel free to ask me :). 

See ya!

(casi lo olvido: traducción para la audiencia de habla hispana :))

Paso un tiempo desde que postee porque como uds saben estuve trabajando, trabajando y ... trabajando! en este proyecto de heladería destinado a mi mama (y si tienen curiosidad de saber como empezó todo este pequeño gran proyecto, pueden encontrar mas info en el post anterior).

La buena noticia es que la estructura esta casi completa! yay! y en este momento estoy trabajando en detalles de arquitectura para crear la atmósfera, quiere decir eligiendo la decoración ideal, construyendo un chandelier y otras lamparas (my cunado y papa estan contribuyendo en ese departamento :))) y muchos otros pequenos diminutos detalles que hacen la diferencia.

Asi que .. que tal una ojeada?

Hice la estructura entera yo misma usando restos de cartón que guarde de cuando estudiaba escenografía en la uni.
Otros papeles se usaron en la realización de esta tienda, desde carton a papel de cocina, cajas de cereal, cartón de cuadernos. En vez de tirar papel lo utilizo en la realización de lo que quiero construir, es un excelente material, barato y ayudo al medio ambiente.
Estos son tiempos de pensar verde y reutilizar lo que tengas :)

Como podes ver: no necesitas mucho para hacer un modelo a escala de algo que te gustaria: carton, tijeras, pegamento y una trincheta son todo lo que use para hacer la estructura.

Si alguno de uds quisiera saber mas acerca de la construccion de mi modelo, puede preguntar :)

Nos vemos!



  1. A fachada é uma beleza, Ann! Certamente será um lindo projeto!

    1. Eliana gracias por tus palabras! sos una dulce!
      Estas fotos las tome en febrero, imaginate como se ve ahora :) esta casi terminado.

      Abrazos para vos tambien!!

  2. Replies
    1. Muchas gracias Thaiss!


      PS: Voy a subir mas fotos en unos dias :)

  3. Hi Ann, I love your blog's header photo so much! It really shows off the beauty of your miniature foods in a lovely scene. Mmm, everything looks so delicious too. So far you have a nice facade for your ice cream shop, and I can't wait to see what you put inside! xo Jennifer

    1. Jen!! hello sweety!
      So nice to see you again here :), thanks for you words!!
      It's almost finished by now, I'm posting more pics during the following days.

      PS: ....I was wondering, would you like to do an exchange of mini things? I totaly looove your wok!! lol ... i'm a huge fan of your pieces!

    2. Hi Ann, I would love to do a mini swap! I've just sent you an email. :-) xo Jennifer

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