February 13, 2014

For the miniature bakery: "take away" boxes

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I'm a big fan of paper since it allows you to do so many things, in my mini-diorama making world it's one of the most useful resources.

Why am I telling you this about paper? well, for a long time I've been wondering how to do certain items that I find to be the extra touch for a scene. "Take away" boxes and boxes in general are one of this items, and there're more that I'm going to be uploading soon to share with you :)

Ta-da! my 1st attempt on "take away" boxes. 

This one is smaller than the one below, everything you see was handmade.It's filled with: madelaine cookies, bear cookies with chocolate and pink meringues. Yum!

Doughnuts, jam cookies, pink meringue, muffin and brownies ... sounds delicious!

"The Sugar Lady" my made up logo for a mini bakery to come soon :)
 The boxes were made using paper leftovers, paint and patience -as usual!-. I'm quite happy with the result :)


  1. They look wonderful! I can't wait to see your bakery!

    1. Thank you Jane !

      I'm going to start working on it when i come back from vacations. It's going to take a while to complete since I'm going to do every little thing in but soo worth the time :)


  2. Your take-away box is darling, and the donuts inside look very delicious! xo Jennifer