January 20, 2014

More little food

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Hello :)

I've been busy making a a few pieces to upload to my Etsy shop.
This time we have sweets you'd take for breakfast or tea time (I have a thing for tea time, maybe 'cause there're more colors to play around, and the funny thing is I'm a salty gal lol). A sliced apple filled pie -my 1st attempt as well!-, a bunch of doughnuts and last but not least a heart shaped tray in soft pink wich comes with 2 delicious toasts with strawberry jam, a cup of coffee (see the small mark on the edge, someone has been drinking a while ago ;)) and a small bowl with more marmalade!

The setting belongs to my loong time kitchen project, not completed yet, but I let you have a sneak peak ;), the table has a cute tablecloth (made of 2 pieces of crochet sewn together). As for the table, it was longer and all white, too boring! what I did was get rid of 2 cm and the white part on top. Now it looks more rustic yet elegant.

Hope you like this!

And now the pics:

So fresh and delicious it looks! see the cinnamon mixed with the apple pieces?

Nothing better to start your day than 2 toasts and a cup of coffee :)

Colorful doughnuts on a heart shaped plate, shabby and delicious!

Do you like doughnuts? learn how to make them! Hot chocolate and pink donuts tutorial


  1. I love the colors you chose for the donuts--too cute! xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I like your work as weel, colorful and sweet :)


  2. So cute!! I have the same heart plate...same color!! :) Lovely food by the way!