January 15, 2014

Hot chocolate and pink donut 1/12th tutorial

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In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make this cute shabby set.

We’re going to need:

 Fimo: white, translucent, yellow, pastel pink, brown
 Liquid fimo
 Tile or plastic surface to work
 Facial wipes (to keep your hands clean all the time while working)
 Small piece of balsa/plywood in a shape of your choice
 Tin foil ball/toothbrush (that you don’t use anymore)
 Razor blade
 Glass conteiner
 Acrylic paint in a pastel color of your choice
 Ceramic plate and cup
 Modelling tools: needle or nail
                           Dotting tool
 Soft pastels: ochre, burnt sienna and dark brown


The Donut recipe

The dough color is made by mixing 1 part of white, half of translucent and ¼ part of yellow as shown in the pic below.

The result is this buttery color (the real thing has a soft translucent yellow color because of the butter you use when cooking).

Let it cool a while so it’s not sticky to work with it.

Cut a small piece of a the size of a pea and do a rounded shape


 Flatten the ball


Punch a hole using the dotting tool or the back of a small brush.
Flatten the edges a little bit using the dotting tool to the inner part of the donut, but gently!
Donuts haven’t got perfect rounded shapes; this is the 1st step to texture it.  

With the toothbrush and tin foil ball add texture to your donut, and soften it with the dotting tool or the back of your brush.

Using the side of the needle or razor blade, do a mark in the middle of the donut like the pic here; be careful to not cut too much! Press gently.


The shading process:

This picture shows you the step by step to make your donut look like just baked. 
From top to bottom:
1- ochre for the base
2- more reddish brown for the middle tones
3- sepia brown or any dark brown you have to add the “more burnt” areas.
Use a pic for reference when you shade, it helps a lot.

The Frosting process:

Into a glass* container mix a small piece of pink clay and liquid fimo. Leave it for a couple of minutes so as to make the mixing easier (it may take a while!). Stir and mix until you have a creamy consistence.

*(I’m using a plastic one but I recommend that you use a small glass container since the plastics compounds of the clay may “eat” the plastic one)

Use a toothpick to add the frosting carefully. When you’re done, take the donut to the oven for 5 min, later, let it cool. Add some glossy varnish to the frosting. And now, enjoy a freshly baked clay donut!

*If you want to turn it into a charm, put a small hook on it before baking it.

The hot chocolate recipe

Get a piece of brown clay, mix it a bit and put it into your ceramic cup to measure it. If it’s too large, just cut the excess with the razor blade.

Using your dotting tool/back of a brush, add some texture to it and again, check if it’s the right amount into the cup, trim the excess if needed.

The whipped cream:

Take a small piece of white clay make a cone shape.
Using your dotting tool, and always in the same direction do the texture of the cream like when it comes out from the star shape frosting tip.

Carefully add more detail, not much or it’s going to break.

Now put a small amount of liquid fimo to glue the whipped cream to the chocolate and bake for 5 min.
When it cools down, take it out from the cup and add a tiny amount of super glue to the bottom.

How to put together the pieces:

Cut a small piece of balsa, paint it in a pastel color of your choice, add the donut you baked before in a ceramic plate, cut a small piece of tissue paper for the napkin, add the chocolate cup.

*The “chocolate dust”: shave s small amount on top of the cream right after varnishing it so it stays in place.

Enjoy! Hope you like my tutorial.

©Angelina S. 2014. El Arte de Angelina.
This tutorial is for personal use.
Distribution in any form is forbidden.


  1. Fantastic tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing and I love how you show all the tools and materials one need to do this =)
    These looks very tasty =)

  3. Great tutorial! Your donuts look sooooooooo yummy! xo Jennifer