December 29, 2013

The "Black Codex" book

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I'd like to share this time some pics of a comissioned piece that now resides in Las Vegas :).
The client told me what kind of book she wanted and sent me some pics to be included in it, mostly about moths, some skeletons here and there and a bit of Da Vinci's codex. The rest was up to me, and I have to say that I loved working in this project!
It took 1 month to be completed.

"Black Codex" is the name of this book. Some pics for you to see how this book looks like!

My hand as reference of this book's size. Angel wings on the cover made of fimo and a yellow quartz crystal from Brazil, the covers and everything were handame as well

I bet you all want to see how it looks on the inside, so here you have 3 pages:

Left page: about Strigoi (vampires) and Right page: the moon, it says "We're ruled by the moon"
My tribute to Edgar Allan Poe; a page dedicated to one of my fav writers. Here you see "The Raven" and below it says "I wish I could write as misterious as a cat". One of my fav pages I have to admit

2 pages with colorful moths, notes, letters ....


  1. That's so cute! I love the cover. And the inside of the book is amazing!

    1. Thank you Caroline! I'm a huge fan of your architectural work, you're an inspiration!