December 10, 2013

1/12th Making brownies scene

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It's been a while since I posted something ... emm yea =P

So today I want to show this cute and simple scene I've completed yesterday; all the pieces were done separetedly and later I thought they might work together and they did :)

This is what came out following color combinations, the plates have light blue patterns but the tablecloth is gingham red so ... the chair had to have a blue cushion. 

I had this brownies I've made some yrs ago and they weren't looking interesting at all in a simple ceramic plate so what I did was creating a pattern on them so as to give them more color and make the food look interesting.
As for the table, I had it around my desk not knowing what to do with it ... so time to repaint it a bit, add a piece of fabric leftover and voila! it looks so much better! The chair was into my kitchen project (showing it soon since I have to finish some small details, the important ones ;)) and all i did was making a cushion and painting a piece of white cotton fabric. With just a little you can achieve a very good result and I'm quite happy with how these pieces look together as a whole =).

Some pics of this project:

This scene is available at my Etsy shop here: Making brownies


  1. Fell in love with this scene and just bought it! Woohoo! Thanks, Ann! xo Jennifer

    1. Plates in pink for my dear friend Jenn! :)

      So glad you like this scene! It's one of my favs :) and i's going to be loved by a friend ... I couldn't ask for more!

      Hugs darling! ****