October 28, 2013

My miniatures at a fair!

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 I'm participating at this dollhouse miniature fair ending today at midnight, it's the 1st time I am attending an event like this, lets see how it goes!
Books (my main craft ;)), potion tables for your Halloween scene, the 2 tables I've made for my "Bakery Delights Series" and other cute little minis for your dollshouse. Most of these unique :).

Take a glimpse to what you're going to find:

 Above: a peak to "Bakery Delights Series: Lets make some sweets" preparation board 

A sample of my books, more listed at the fair!

Hope to see you there! 
Thanks for viewing!


The fair has finished, and it was a very nice experience!

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  1. Everything you make is so cute! I especially love the mini foods--so colorful and adorable! xo Jennifer