April 13, 2017

Big SALE part 2

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I dind't want to mix posts so this one is to let you all know that I have a lot of pieces for sale; food, pastries, furniture and accesories.
I need room to post new pieces. Be welcome to take a look and see if there's something you'd like to have =). Go to my etsy shop, link on the blog.

Thank you, hugs!!

Dear blog, I'm back ♥

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Hello to you dear friends, hoping you're doing great and feeling happy.
It's been a long time since I came here, I took a sabatic from miniatures for a few months. It was good, during this time I read a lot, found inspiration and it made me want to be back to this art.
You know I'm always trying new techniques, materials and styles .. but my biggest love is for decoration, architecture and furniture; meaning that I've been working in new pieces: from a trailer to a commode bombe ... and all what could be in the middle lol! I got carried away xD

Oh and you know; I'm more active on Instagram. I love it cos it's simple; you upload the picture and share it. I have a FB page but I really don't like it there, I closed it before lol and I'm closer to do the same again :p

So this post is to show you what 've been doing lately, go get your cup of tea and a few cookies, ready? kk here we go!

Vintage 1920 kitchen stove  
 I love kitchens, and I decided to give a try and do my own vintage one! It was fun, I used materials I had around, a green project. I did most of the accessories too, like the cherry pie, sign, poster, kitchen paper towel.

Louis XV provance commode bombe
 I had this commode on my desk for almost a year, I dind't know how to decorate it until i saw it in my head. And here it is, restored in a light blue with brass handles and handmade accessories.
Pie safe
A pie safe with 2 drawers on top, the "glass" is something I did to decorate it a bit more. And the room where all the pictures are taken is my hopefully soon to be dollhouse made of all kind of leftovers!

Roses cupboard
Another cupboard I had around, all painted in white. Shabby chic is fun but when you end up with a white room it looks closer to a hospital than a shabby chic scene! This pretty cupboard is the one you see at the roombox scene I did last year for a magazine's article about my work. I changed it by adding the roses, painting the edges in a soft pink and adding paper inside and out.

There's more to see, but I have to download the remaining pictures still. Next post I'm showing you.

Thank you very much for reading ... if there's still people reading blogs. I do =)

Hugs and cya soon! ♥

October 22, 2016

Come have a cup of tea!

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Hello world! lol, I'm back =) It's been a crazy time in my life but everything's in place again, so while enjoying this lovely quiet saturday afternoon, I decided to say hello again plus, sharing with you a scene I did for a magazine in August. This is one of the reasons why I haven't been on the net, 3 magazines got interested in my work and well, it was a lot of work but soo rewarding and glad I am!

I bought the roombox and took away its original contents.

The roombox at the very beginning: flooring, wallpaper and painting

Lola the dog, wants to say hello! ♥

And here's the scene =)  

 The doll and doggie are a gorgeous creation by Bonnie Justice, I'm a huge fan of her work.
You'll find a repeptive pattern in the scene, I like roses and I wanted to put them around, the rug, painting ... and there's a lot of pink and soft pastels too.
The day bed comes from a House of Miniatures kit I had, after assembling it I painted it white, and added a cute cotton fabric on top. Behind the doll there're 2 pillows, a green round one and a pink heart one.
Yes I did the tray! was so fun to do =) 

 The window opens and has a pattern of my creation, more roses!
As for the small table, anyone would like a slice of banana bundt? perhaps a strawberry tartelete? milkshake or tea? This table displays a few of my treasures =) such as; the tea caddy box, the tea set and that gorgeous flower vase made of bronze. The black cat was a swap I did with an amazing Finnish girl who does animals in tiny scales.

From the window ♥ The snowdrop plant, green teapot were handmade by me among other little details!

 This cupboard I had it around, I love the shape it has on the sides but the mahogany fake color i totally disliked it soo, time to do shabby magic here ;). The tiny tassel I did it, it adds an extra detail as well. The items displayed here are from my own collection; ceramics I did long time ago, one of my handmade books, and the cookies .. yes all handmade by me ♥ more than 1 dozen different ones are displayed in that pink 2 tier stand.

Hope you like this scene, I did it in record time, one week so that it could be published in a magazine!

Thank you for visiting!


June 30, 2016

BIG BIG SALE at my ETSY shop!!

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Hello friends!

Just wanted to share with you that I'm having a huge SALE at my Etsy shop! (https://www.etsy.com/shop/ElartedeAngelina) Mostly are food pieces ... so go check and see if there's something you may like for your dollhouse or 1/12 project!
Among these you can find .. a cute croquembouche with tiny heart macarons, vanilla and orange cake ... many cakes from my pink collection ... hope the curiosity bug is already calling you lol *giggles*

I want to upload a lot of new pieces I'm completing atm. Renovating is always something good =)

Oh and I almost forgot! CUSTOM orders for miniature food items are OPEN again =). If there's something in particular you'd like me to do, feel free to write me at my Etsy shop!

Hugs and thank you always for your comments, suggestions and lovely words. I appreciate it a lot ♥


EDIT: pics of pieces on SALE! =)

Many cute pies including apple pie, cherry lattice pie, kouglof cake ...

Or perhaps a bundt cake with cream cheese on top? yum!

Bear cookies and a hot chocolate?

This croquembouche Laduree inspired would look gorgeous at a dollhouse or bakery scene!

Vanilla and orange cake, a cute set!

June 24, 2016

When a movie you like inspires your work

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Hello friends!

It's been a while since I was around. Call it work, life, and a bit of this and that, that's the mix! So after so long, I'd like to share with you what I've been doing.

This piece I'm going to show you soon is inspired in the movie "Practical Magic" from 1997, with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as the Owens sisters. If you didn't watch this movie, I highly recommend you do so! the locations, the house, props, and everything about it is ... pure magic!.

I did almost everything, except the glass and plastic pieces. The table is from a vintage kit I assembled, painted and distressed.

I found out my technique to do lavender plants yay!

Book open on the page of "Amas Veritas" spell

Midnight Margaritas! 

I really hope you like it, I had so much fun doing this.


April 30, 2016

My blog has got a new look ;)

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Hello everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm still working on the inter phase of my blog, I bought this beautiful template after looking everywere on the internet. The price was great and the design is so lovely, simple, elegant ... it goes with my personality in the arts.

Still I have to add the social media buttons and change things here and there.
But so far, I'm very happy with it!!

Next post (I'm giving you a sneak peak lol) is going to be about my 1st attempt on customizing a Blythe doll -you know, those japanese gorgeous big eyed dolls with huge heads and small bodies- so stay tunned ;)

Hugs and thanks for your support,
See ya!


April 01, 2016

Flower Shop tutorial -Part 3-

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 It's a rainy evening here in Buenos Aires. A perfect time to share with you the 3rd part of the tutorial.

Hope that, so far you were able to follow it, if you have questions let me know!

As usual, apply gesso and let dry before painting

Here's the process on the window, you can see the type of joint it has, 45 degrees. Don't be afraid of doing it, it's more simple that it seems. To achieve a perfect angle, this is the trick:

Joint detail
Door and window after painting

If you were careful with the measurements, the window and door will fit perfectly. That's why I advise you to paint all the pieces before assembling everything.

 This picture shows you the front facade, see how the door, window and extra details are into an "invisible rectangle". All pieces are in visual harmony, and the structure looks realistic.
I added an extra layer of gesso to cover the paper mache, and I wanted the facade to have a more rustic look so I added a bit of modelling paste and at last a layer of white acrylic paint.
There's an "X" shape in the window, that's where the "vitreaux" is going to be.

All the pieces assembled.

 And now we assemble the "glass" in the door and window. For this, you're going to need a thin sheet of PVC. You can buy it at artistic shops or, you can recycle this material from boxes.

You will have 2 frames of each, a pair for the window and a pair for the door. very carefully, you glue the pvc sheet in between. The white glue we're using won't leave any trace after it dries. I told you I was going to do something with the window! And here it is, an inspired Art Nouveau vitraux.
If you'd like doing one for your project, remember that only alcohol markers will adhere permanently to the pvc.

I added the shop's name matching the width of the window and door.

The concrete you see on the sides was done using Creative clay, later painted with 2 tones of grey for the right tone.

The "terracotta" floor

Do a mark on the base of the project, from the inside.
The terracotta tiles were done using "DAS" modeling material. It dries alone, but you can speed the process a bit by leaving your tiles in the sun. The irregular shape I did it with my fingers, press a bit and later cut them and glue them to the board.

Next time, I'm going to show you how to age the facade and add a few extra details.
Until then, I hope you like my tutorial and that you find it useful.

If you use it, please send me a link, so I can see your creation!!

See you next friday!